lawn care midland tx – Lawn Care By The Season

Each different season brings different lawn care needs. Simply mowing and picking up the dead leaves will not be enough to ensure a bright and healthy garden by the spring. In order to keep your yard looking its best year-round, it is important to perform regular maintenance. The most beautiful yards have generally been planned and started well in advanced of when you seem them at their peak.


Mild weather and good growing conditions mark this season in most climates. Spring is a great time for lawn care enthusiasts because it’s when a lot of the action takes place. You get to plant beds of colorful flowers, see blooms burst open, and any fruit or vegetables will start to bud. While spring is the time for planting, there is still other regular maintenance that is needed. Pests can start to nest and breed, which will quickly run afoul of your garden if left untreated. It is important to give your soil and grass a thorough inspection as well. Check to the soil to see it has become too compacted. If so, it will need to be aerated. Re-seeding and fertilizing may also be necessary to fill out bald patches.


Lawn care under the hot sun isn’t the best chore, but if left untreated your lawn will take a beating from the heat. Frequent watering will be necessary to keep it somewhat lush, and the best times are when the weather is still cool such as early morning or late evening. Leaving the blades longer is suggested, so cut down on the amount of cutting. Fertilizer may be useful, but use it cautiously as the heat cannot only make the odor twice as deadly, but too much can burn up the lawn. Keep weeding as needed.


This is the season that many gardens fall into neglect due to the heavy workload. Most people’s lawn care routines will consist of raking, raking, and more raking. If you’re stuck with a lot of leaves, make the most of it and turn it into mulch to feed your lawn. Fall is all about cleanup and prepping for the coming spring, so it is important to not fall too far behind on maintenance. Work on strengthening your lawn by using winter fertilizer and de-weeding vigorously. Keep the blades clipped short, but not too short that they lose insulation during the winter months.


If you live in a colder climate, say goodbye to your yard for a few months and be sure to leave it neat and trim. Most plants become dormant so there is no need to mow or prune. You may wish to aerate, fertilize, and reseed just before the onset of coldPsychology Articles, but you may have to repeat this process in the spring as well. People living in warmer climates with no snowfall can continue to care for their garden as if it was the fall. A little bit of trimming and pulling weeds should keep it strong.